You may still owe money after a foreclosure or short sale

Will I Owe Any Money After a Short Sale? [May 8, 2009.] Many homeowners have turned to short sales to get out from under crushing mortgage debt and avoid foreclosure. But some people who’ve sold their home this way have found themselves still on the hook for some of the money they thought they no longer owed, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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A deed in lieu of foreclosure can release you from your mortgage responsibilities and allow you to.. You may or may not still owe money after a short sale.

money through a short sale than a foreclosure or “REO” (post-foreclosure) sale.. A: After a short sale, you may still owe the lender the difference between your.

Even if you weren’t part of the home-buying bubble, you were part of the economic fallout or you knew someone who lost their home to a foreclosure or short sale,” says Elizabeth. t fit in the.

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Foreclosed borrowers may still be on the hook when there's a difference. vanessa corey sold this house but still owed some of the mortgage balance.. So, if you are pursuing a short sale, be sure your attorney asks the bank to. "The parties who bought those notes wouldn't have paid money for them.

If you somehow scrape together the money to. the scheduled foreclosure sale. After that, it’s the lender’s call. If you can’t wipe out your debt, your lender may still be willing to stop the.

While completing a short sale can be a good option for homeowners who want to avoid a foreclosure, short sales come with the following potential disadvantages and risks. You Might Have to Pay a Deficiency Judgment. In a short sale, the sale price is less than the amount that the borrower owes on the mortgage.

In a short sale, the proceeds from the sale will fall short of the debt. That amount is typically still less than the market value of the home.. But with a short sale or foreclosure, the property may not close for six. “A bank is now involved, and unfortunately, they only care about getting what is owed to them.

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