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Mortgages : How to Get Rid of Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) on an Existing Loan The most straightforward way to get rid of PMI is to pay your mortgage down to below the original 80% of your home’s value. You can then request to have your PMI removed, so long as you have good payment history.

Condominiums essentially involve group ownership of property. financing and making a down payment of less than 20 percent will be required to pay private mortgage insurance and therefore must meet.

Then, you have yet another opportunity to get rid of your private mortgage insurance. If the appraisal for your refinance shows that you have 20% or more equity in your home, you won’t be required to pay for private mortgage insurance on the new loan.

You may be able to get rid of your Private Mortgage Insurance payment. How homeowners can keep from bearing the cost of PMI The Homeowners Protection Act of 1998 obligates the lenders on nearly all loans to automatically cease the PMI when the principal balance of the loan equals 78 percent of the primary loan amount.

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Private mortgage insurance (PMI) is insurance coverage that homeowners are required to have if they’re putting down less than 20% of the home’s cost. Basically, PMI gives mortgage lenders some backup if a house falls into foreclosure because the homeowner couldn’t make their monthly mortgage payments.

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Private Mortgage Insurance, or PMI, you may be paying for it even though you don’t have to. We can help you find out! Miles Appraisal Group, Mandeville, LA. Menu. What is PMI and how to get rid of it Real estate lenders are a funny lot. It seems they’re happy to lend anybody money.