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First you will need to scan website for vulnerabilities and then exploit them but you will not get those vulnerabilities untill you learn networking the vulnerabilities are depended on server. IIS(windows) and linux are the two types of servers us.

There are very, very few people on planet Earth who could ever say they’ve completely mastered every intricate little thing about Microsoft Excel. It’s the world’s premiere spreadsheet application,

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There might be a chance to hack it even if it is turned off as long as it is connected to the internet or network, and it is still plugged. The "magic packet" or Wake-on-LAN feature of your BIOS can do so. A remote hacker having access to your network can send magic packets to instruct it to turn on the computer.

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How to find if someone hacked your computer HD How to Hack Instagram Account. The post tells you to hack an Instagram account, the possible methods you can try. Please note that we never recommend anyone to hack someone’s Instagram account. It is very important to use these tools that you understand the legal implications of undertaking.

Just think of a distro’ as a lovely dress, Linux as a naked womanand your PC as an important dinner party at the ambassador. or just click here to head straight to the download page. The easiest.