Curious About Reverse Mortgages? Read This!

It works similarly to taking out a line of credit on your home, but with different options for taking out the money, such as with a fixed monthly payment or an open line of credit that you can choose to access at anytime. Likewise, a reverse mortgage statement resembles a line of credit statement.

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What is a reverse mortgage? A home equity conversion mortgage (hecm), the most common type of reverse mortgage, is a special type of home loan only for homeowners who are 62 and older. A reverse mortgage loan, like a traditional mortgage , allows homeowners to borrow money using their home as security for the loan.

A new book on reverse mortgages seeks to explain the products in an even more concise fashion to average potential borrowers – while also explaining the new reverse mortgage math. author dan hultquist released "Understanding Reverse – 2018" at the start of the new year, providing an update of his regular series of educational books [.]

Curious about a reverse mortgage? Read our guide and figure out whether this product is right for you or your loved one. A reverse mortgage is less likely to be right for you, especially after the FHA discounted the hecm saver program. 3. Is it important for you to leave your home to your family.

Reverse mortgages are home equity loans available to homeowners over 62 – and the downsides to taking one out might not just affect you, but could also impact your heirs.

The major steps in getting a reverse mortgage are deciding whether or not you want one, if you do, don’t procrastinate but don’t accept any uninvited solicitations, either. Educate yourself about the topic, explore state and local programs that might meet your needs, determine how much money you can draw on the national programs and what it will cost, get counseled, decide how you want to draw.

Reviewmanship and the I-Wrote-a-Book Disease. You’ve read the review, you don’t need the book.. A curious reverse twist in the infinite variety of reviewmanship came to me not long ago.

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